The Online Casino Real Money Guide

For those who are far behind the gambling curve, online casino gaming is officially big business in the US. With an array of ways to play, users are now able to score where every thy have internet. With a vast array of games available, there is literally something for everyone who wants to get involved with online gambling. That being said, the following represents the best tips and tricks from many experts. They will help you uncover the best sites and gaming options to suit your personal preferences, rather than bombarding you  with blanket statements.

Types of Games Available

In order to find and select the perfect gaming site, you must take into account a number of factors. For instance, those of us who enjoy activities that are quick and easy might enjoy playing the slot machines. This is a great choice for many beginning or more lightweight gamblers as these games are typically lower in cost and do not require a higher level of understanding or experience on behalf of the players. You just spin and wait for the outcome.

On another note, if you’re the type that enjoys a bit more control over their chances, you may experience absolute delight in playing roulette. This is a great game for those who have an intermediate skill level as it requires participants to be active enough to confidently choose certain number and color combinations to place their bets. However, there is not much skill required outside of that, as the wheel spins the ball lands completely randomly making it a game of chance.

In contrast, a bit more involved, shooting craps is also a great option for those with an intermediate skill level. This game involves rolling the dice, placing a variety of bets and gauging the odds on previous rolls.

Lastly, the best Vegas casino games for those who might be a bit more advanced are Poker and Blackjack. These games involves strategy, card playing, bluffing, and the ability to place bets strategically. You have to study and practice first because they are true games of skill!

Comparison: Real Casinos vs. Free Play Casinos vs. Online Real Money Casinos

For those who have a history in gambling, the many differences between the various types of casinos may be apparent. For all others, there may be a bit of confusion when trying to make clear distinctions between the three.

  • Let’s begin with the obvious: real casinos exist in a tangible location in which you can physically visit. Chock full of bright lights and friendly faces, casinos are excellent for face to face interaction and game playing with one another. It is a social place. What’s more, players have the added bonus of being able to see their dealer, as well as other players, live, as they are playing. Instead of dealing with cash directly, player bet using chips that can be cashed in later.
  • On the flip side, free play online casinos take many of the elements from real casinos and makes them available from the comfort of your own phone, desktop, laptop, or tablet. While most of the popular Vegas games are available in one form or another, some elements are missing such as the ability to play with dealers in live, hands-on games as in Roulette and Poker. Nevertheless, this is a great place to start in order to get acclimated with the online casino world without having to make a deposit. You can find if a slot machine or game is hot and which ones are not.
  • Lastly, the real money online casinos take the best elements from real casinos and free play casinos to bring users the benefits of gambling online. Much like free play sites, real money online casinos allow players to play with ad added bonus: the ability to place bets and make cash! This is a great option for those who enjoy gambling, but may not always be willing or able to travel to a physical casino. Other than only enjoying the games at home, some sites have phone apps, that are just like the actual game only smaller.

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US player OK sites vs. not OK for US Sites

Many gamers may be wondering about the difference between the sites that are OK for the US and those that aren’t. It is the #1 question of newbies behind only “are credit cards able to be used?”. A bit confusing, although gambling in perfectly legal in America, there are many gray areas within the online gambling community. Tedious specifics aside, the bottom line is that many online casinos are teetering on the lines between legal and not legal. They like to call it a grey area.

Given that there are so many new US online casinos to choose from, it can be difficult to regulate the industry as a whole. Therefore, to protect those gambling within American borders, some sites are prevented from accepting American players. What’s more, there also seems to a correlation between the rise in non-regulated casinos and the and the increase in the random closing of of money-filled accounts without reason. That being said, it is imperative to make sure that the site you choose to gamble on is both reputable and authentic. To figure this out, make sure they hold a valid gambling license and try to find if players have their winnings paid in a fair amount of time.

Online Casinos Accepting US PlayersOverall, real money online gambling is a great way to pass the time, with the chance to win. Not many activities boast the ability for players to both have fun and get richer. Although there are a few bad sites that give the it a bad name, some due diligence on the part of the consumer is all it takes to shift the odds of making money in your favor.